Thursday, May 3, 2007

John Cusack Daughter Kidnapped at Stopping Power the Movies

JOHN CUSACKActor JOHN CUSACK is to play an action hero in new movie STOPPING POWER.

Cusack will play a test pilot who embarks on high-speed chases to save his kidnapped daughter.

Sure there will be plenty of chances to see John Cusack on the big screen as the actor has just added one more coveted role into his acting credits.

Dutch filmmaker Jan de Bont, best known for his work in "Speed", has come onboard to direct. Script has already entrusted into the hands of "Swordfish" scribe Skip Wood to work on with Eric Red.

Meanwhile, Alison Haskovec, Hermann Joha, and Scott Kroopf will all serve as the producers.

John Paul Cusack born in Evanston June 28, 1966. He first became famous in the mid-1980s for appearing in teen movies such as Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing and One Crazy Summer. His biggest success in that genre is arguably his starring role as Lloyd Dobler in Cameron Crowe's Say Anything.

In another movie report, Angelina Jolie will play Mariane Pearl at A Mighty Heart.

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Keith Richard Radford Jr said...

Thank you John for all you do.
Your interview Naomi Klein was much needed refreshment. It's when you can hold your water, evil most fears you. Respectfully, Keith Richard Radford Jr.