Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Katie Price Jordan : Peter Andre doesn’t even know I’m there

Katie Price Jordan Models For FoxyBingo.comJordan Who? That’s the question Peter Andre is asking as he is suffering from Meningitis.

Jordan revealed to Ok! Magazine "He's usually sleeping, or drifting in and out. Yesterday I went in and he didn't even know I was there. I am so stressed."

Finally Glamour girl Katie Price Jordan last night spoke for the first time about husband Peter Andre’s devastating illness.

As he continued his fight for life in hospital, she said: “He doesn’t even know I’m there.”

The heavily-pregnant model, real name Katie Price, broke her silence as she continued her bedside vigil for singer Pete, 34, who is battling deadly brain bug meningitis.

Jordan says she is devastated she cannot be at his side all day because she needs to remain strong for her children – one-year-old Junior and Harvey, four.

Speaking exclusively to OK! magazine, the 28-year-old beauty said of her husband: “He’s really poorly. I feel really bad because if I was in hospital I would want someone with me all the time. But I physically can’t do it because of the kids and work.”

Jordan also revealed her horror at seeing Peter’s health deteriorate overnight as they flew home from a trip to the States.
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EmmaLouise said...

I really hope Peter gets better soon. They are such a great couple and fantastic parents.. They definately don't deserve all the bad luck they've been havin lately! I think they'll get through this though and come out stronger than ever!! Best wishes to you both and to your lovely family.. xx

becky said...

ive been watching your shows on sky,it's so nice to see normal people handling everyday issue's. i have the upmost respect for you both,and truly hope that peter's health improves day by day.also katie all the best on the delievery of your new baby. rebecca o'connor

Katie said...

I love the fact that u can talk about harvie and i admire u so much it takes alot of strenth to do it.
sorry about my spelling av got a problem with reading and spelling.
I think your really brave.

janet said...

i hope pete is better and i do hope that katie is coping well
i love watching the shows i think that you are both down to earth
and deserve all the good things that come your way
i love the way you cope with harvie
its great and brings tears to my eyes
think you are wonderfull
love and best wishes janet jones warrington cheshire

helen said...

jordon and peter your fly on the wall program is well fantastic and respect you both i dont now how jordon works as hard as she dues well done on the show and the new baby best wishes

Becky--Moore said...

Hi, i love watching your shows and i admire both of you too very much. I hope you dont have anymore bad luck. I would love to meet you both so much. I think you are both great parents and the children are fantastic.!.
Love Becky

hayley_chelsea_best_mates said...

i really do hope peter is recovering quickly he doesnt desreve this there family dont deserve all they been through the past year i hope all the bad luck stops and congratulations on the birth of there baby girl and im glad they got what they wanted i really enjoy your shows get well soon peter
luv ya lots
hayley bodinnar