Friday, April 27, 2007

Peter Andre, Katie Price Husband struck down by MENINGITIS

Peter Andre, Katie Price Husband struck down by MENINGITISPeter Andre who is a big star in the U.K. is just becoming known to most American's with his reality show on E! Network that also stars his wife, Katie "Jordan" Price. It is feared that Peter could have been struck down by the deadly brain disease MENINGITIS.
Katie has been at the hospital bedside of Peter since the illness started The doctors gave him a brain scan last night.

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Meningitis tests for Peter Andre
Peter Andre is undergoing hospital tests for suspected meningitis, the singer's publicist has confirmed.

Light a Candle for Peter Andre
Please light candle for Peter Andre!!!! Jordan's husband Harvey's stepdaddy might have Meningitis. Jordan has been by his bedside as he has gone through brain scans and others tests. Peter has been struck down with some mysterious brain ...

Reality TV Star And Hubby To ‘Jordan’ Peter Andre Hospitalized With Possible Meningitis
A friend of the couple said: “When he was taken to hospital, he was so weak he had to be helped on board the ambulance.
“Jordan is frantic with worry. Obviously she’s desperate to get to the bottom of what’s wrong.”

Jordan At Peter Andre's Hospital Bedside
"Following recent tests on Peter Andre at the East Surrey Hospital, it is believed that Peter is suffering from suspected Meningitis. Peter was admitted last weekend, and at this time we do not ...


Anonymous said...

some1 has said that peter and jordan/katie have split up??? MY FRIEND NOS THEM!!!! lol!

Anonymous said...

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