Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marko Stout amazing expressionist artist in New York

There is an amazing expressionist artist in New York whose name is Marko Stout. He is a new artist who holds academic degrees in Biology, Metaphysics and Medicine has conveyed the new abstractionism expressive style based on his post-expressionist style.

Marko strongly disapproves Descartes' dualism in which cognisance and matter are separate entities. Dr. Stout's perspectives subject and the mind as nearly linked. Marko Stout' belief in an active alive universe equalled the whole thing is interlinked is reflected in his dynamic pictures and pieces of work.

This New York City artist is devoted to to demonstrate the world how he represents what he sees through his art exhibition mentioned as The Cave.

What is The Cave?
The Cave is a scenario in which citizenries take to be tangible that which in point of fact is an fantasy. In this instance Dr. Stout utilizes "The Cave" as a metaphor for our idea and receptive restrictions, as our human experience is bounded by our captivity within a physical body, we hence make an attempt to be conscious of the mother nature of the universe through out myth, religions and scientific methodology in an impossible attempt to understand the universe.

Marko Stout’s eagerly awaited upcoming exhibit “The Cave” is scheduled to open in New York City in the autumn of 2011. Visit his website here :

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