Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lindsay Lohan cleaning toilets in rehab

Insiders say that Lindsay Lohan is “a model patient” in rehab. The ‘Mean Girls’ star is currently in a Utah rehab clinic after she was charged with her seconlid DUI this year.

Despite a patient from the same rehab clinic saying Lohan was disruptive and given special treatment; new reports say that Lohan is taking her third stay in rehab very serious and is very cooperative.

Insiders at the clinic insist the 21-year-old actress is doing great, attending all the meetings, and agreeing to all tasks the staff give her including cleaning toilets and washing dishes.

Source say that the women who claimed Lohan was making everyone else uncomfortable dropped out of the clinic “against medical advice” and wasn’t even in the same section of the clinic as Lohan is. They say the only time she could have had contact with Lohan was during meetings.


Kevin said...

I hope she continues to do well and studios give Lindsay another chance once she cleans up her act.ghos13b

Hollywood Celebrity Gossips said...

I think she already learned the lesson and she's trying to be good now.