Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nicole Richie Reveals Jail Fears, Photographed with Baby Bump

Nicole RichieDoes Nicole Richie think she's next? Paris Hilton's good buddy told David Letterman during a taping for his talk show on Wednesday that she's worried about landing in the pokey.

Her best friend Paris Hilton has been sentenced to 23 days in jail for violating her probation. Such fact is enough to make skinny socialite Nicole Richie shakes. The TV reality star does afraid of being put behind bars, spills the bean to David Letterman during a taping for his talk show on Wednesday June 6th.

"I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, and, you know, of course, I'm scared also, but, you know, I'm willing to face whatever consequences come my way, and I take responsibility for what I've done," Nicole said revealing her fears.

Nicole herself, in fact, is facing a possible jail sentence following a 2003 misdemeanor DUI conviction and DUI arrest December last year, for which she pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing. Based on the California vehicle code, if convicted of DUI twice within 10 years, a person can be sentenced to between 90 days and a year in jail and have his or her driving privileges suspended.

Being asked on that matter, Nicole said she would learn her fate at the end of the month. "I hope you don't have to go to jail", Letterman said expressing his best wish for her.

In the accompanying feature, Nicole is hit with pregnancy rumors after she's been photographed with what appears to be a baby bump. "Nicole recently underwent a series of tests, including blood and urine screenings, which confirmed she is pregnant," a source told Life and Style Weekly magazine. That's not all, Nicole was also photographed outside a reproductive clinic last Wednesday May 30th, which prompted speculation she's undergoing a special diet for the sake of her unborn baby.

"Nicole's determined to get healthy for her own sake and the baby's", a source was quoted as saying. Meanwhile, representative for Nicole refused to give any comment. If only the pregnancy speculation is to be believed, whose child she's carrying?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to remain anonymous until Nicole feels comfortable announcing the news. But I am the father of the baby, and we've also discussed marriage recently. She just wants to wait and see what the courts decide later this month, but if a judge decides to send her to jail you can believe I will be by her side and taking care of our child while she serves her time.

Thanks for everyones concern and support.

Anonymous said...

unless you are Joel Madden i doubt very much that you are the father of Nicole Richies baby its pretty obvious they're together "ANONYMOUS" gees shes either pregnant or being eating healthy again but whatever it is give the girl a break


Anonymous said...

Joel Madden isnt the father of nicoles babyand that guy isnt either and he couldnt be pretending to be joel