Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Michelle Bass send A Love Signal to Prince William

Michelle BassAccording to Britain's Daily Sport newspaper, The former U.K. "Big Brother" contestant --- Michelle Bass has send 'A Love Signal' to Prince William.

The Topless Models (Michelle Bass) knew Prince William has ended ended his four-year relationship with Kate Middleton last month - and hopes to be Britain's first pin-up princess.

The 26-year-old reality TV star told Britain's Daily Sport newspaper:
"I saw Prince William in Boujis club once and he looked gorgeous. Now he's single I'm hoping our paths will cross again. "I'm not sure what the queen would have to say about having a glamour model in the family, but there's a first for everything. He looks like he enjoys going out and having a good time. I reckon we would get on like a house on fire."
William reportedly ended his relationship with Kate, 25, since he felt he was too young to settle down and was feeling under pressure to get married.

But Prince William Fallen For TV Babes --- Fearne Cotton. It seem Michelle Bass, must try a little harder to get Prince William heart.

Michelle Bass Topless Photoshoot here

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