Monday, April 30, 2007

Sarah Jessica Promotes Her Fragrance ‘Lovely’ with an Appearance @ Macy’s (4/27)

Sarah Jessica Promotes Her Fragrance ‘Lovely’ with an Appearance @ Macy’s (4/27)Sarah Jessica Parker graced the Twin Cities with her presence Friday, and more than 2,500 adoring fans jammed the first floor of Macy’s Minneapolis store for a glimpse.

She lived up to her reputation as the original fashionista in a sleeveless white and black print belted dress by Giambattista Valli, vintage turquoise and black bracelets and sparkly pink Alexander McQueen round toe heels.

And here’s why women love Parker: She actually paid for the dress and said she decided to put it on for this event “all by myself!”

It was her first appearance in town, but Parker said her mother, who lived in Iowa years ago, has great memories of visiting Minneapolis and shopping at Dayton’s. (The Macy’s executives immediately dug up an old

Dayton’s hatbox, filled it with 20 pounds of Frango chocolates and planned to send it to Parker’s mom.) The purpose of Parker’s visit was to promote her fragrance, Lovely. Parker signed bottles of the perfume for 400 customers who purchased $125 gift sets. She posed for pictures with 24 serious admirers who ponied up $400 for a “deluxe gift set.”

And she was worried no one would show up.

“I always worry,” Parker said. “I’m very flattered they came.” Most of the women in line used adjectives like “inspiration” and “fashion icon” to explain why they were willing to wait two hours to spend a few seconds in Parker’s presence.

“I think it’s funny people think of me that way. I played a part on a show of a woman who loved clothes, and TV has a big impact. If the lines between TV and reality are blurry, worse things could happen.” Of course, she does admit to a love of “well made clothes.” And shoes. But she said she doesn’t shop much. Designers continue to loan her dresses when she needs them.

Before meeting her many admirers, Parker did take five minutes (we pushed for six) to talk one-on-one. We quickly worked through the obvious stuff: still no plans for a “Sex and the City” reunion, she has several movies in the works, she likes to make store appearances to meet women; she’s doing a fashion line for budget retailer Steve Barry to bring good design to the masses

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