Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Joe Simpson is become Britney Spears new manager

Britney Spears CandidsJessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson’s father Joe Simpson is reportedly vying to become Britney Spears‘ new manager after she dumped Larry Rudolph earlier this month.

Sources tell NYDN that Joe Simpson wants to become Britney Spears’ manager.
The priest turned creepy dad even tried to set up a meeting with Britney although Jessica’s rep denies this ever happening. However, if this were true, sources play down a potential rivalry between the two, explaining they are no longer competitors. Just like you don’t compete with that guy who spits in your burger.

Sure, he may indirectly give you herpes by putting his own happy in your happy meal, but competitor? No way.

The source added that Joe, a former Baptist minister, also claims responsibility for helping Jessica and Ashlee avoid the obvious excesses of a life in the limelight and hopes to keep Britney away from another relapse requiring further rehab.

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