Saturday, April 28, 2007

David Beckham Goes Blonde for Victoria Beckham

David Beckham Blonde HairDavid Beckham has had a dye-job to match his wife Victoria Beckham for a photoshoot to help launch them in the US.

David unveiled his new blonde do at a Real Madrid training session yesterday, ahead of the photo session for W magazine with fashion photographer Stephen Klein at the weekend.

Regarding his new look, David told reporters:
"I like to change and with short hair I wanted to do it - although I have had the mickey taken out of me for it."
Teammates have reportedly christened him "Marilyn" in honour of the peroxide shade but a source told the Mirror that the mockery will probably be worth it in the long run: "As they're both blond at the moment the images will look sensational and will get the whole of America talking."

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